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The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. ROW Operator in Portland, Oregon

Cutting-edge industrial technology meets grit, integrity and passion.

At Greenbrier, we do the hard work that matters. The Greenbrier Companies (NYSE: GBX) is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of freight rail and marine transportation equipment and services, powering the movement of products around the world. Greenbrier's heritage of hard work and industrial innovation is celebrated at every level of our organization.


This position requires experience and versatility in multiple job functions.

*Fit and weld fabricated steel components for marine barges and/or railcars OR operate specialty machine tools to fabricate and manufacture quality parts according to specifications.

*Assemble rigging to lift and move equipment and materials in the assembly and construction of railcars and marine barges.

*Operate overhead cranes in a safe and professional manner under the guidance of the Material Handling supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties are typical for this role. Other duties may be assigned to address business needs and changing business practices.

Crane operating and rigging functions:

  • Responsible for the safe operation and control of bridge cranes and loads being handled.

  • Inspect crane and cab, properly complete inspection forms.

  • Trained to read and understand the load charts for the cranes.

  • Select cables, blocks, according to the weight and size of the load to be moved.

  • Attach loads (primarily steel) with grappling devices such as loops and chains to the crane hook.

  • Give directions to crane operators engaged in hoisting loads using hand signals as well as radio (if directed by the Rigger Foreman).

  • Follow and adhere strictly to Gunderson's safety policies and regulations.

  • Report safety concerns in a timely manner

Welding functions:

  • Tack parts together in preparation for welding.

  • Set up and operate welding equipment.

  • Visually inspect completed welds to assure adherence to specifications.

  • Perform production welding as required.

  • Weld and fit in flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions.

Machine operating functions:

  • Operate one or more of the following (depending on the assigned area): shears, manual and CNC press brakes, CNC plasma-punch, punches, iron worker, drill press, lathe, milling machines, laser or plasma burning machines and other like machines

  • Maintain and monitor machine to make sure it functions properly

  • Verify adequate materials and supplies are available to complete operations as needed

  • Analyze machine operations and output if applicable

  • Adjust machine as needed for changeovers, different functions, or other varying needs of production


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The following generally describes requirements to enter the job (RW01 thru RW04)

  • Must have passed a weld test for fillet welds in the horizontal, vertical and overhead position

  • Must have passed groove weld tests which consist of a 1/2" 2G, 3G, and 4G plate

  • Ability to do math fraction calculations, read a tape measure and pass written weld test

  • Strong mechanical aptitude

  • Basic math skills; must be able to convert fractions

  • Ability to read and understand blueprints

  • Ability to set up machines safely and efficiently

  • Ability to do math fraction calculations, read a tape measure and pass written machine operators test

  • Blueprint reading and layout skills

  • Manual dexterity and good depth perception are a must

  • Knowledge of occupational hazards and standard safety practices

  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions

  • Ability to communicate effectively as a member of a team

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Strong worth ethic, flexible, reliable, and punctual

The following generally describes requirement to advance (RW05 thru RW10):

  • Must have passed the fitter/welders advancement test OR

  • Must have passed one of the machine operators advancement test

Experience & Education

*Experience assembling mechanical parts using blueprints

*Experience and familiarity with various hand tools and measuring equipment

*Experience working in a fast-paced, physically demanding production environment

*Prefer a minimum of one year experience in each craft; welding OR machine tool operating, rigging, and bridge crane operation

Licenses, Certifications, etc.

*Current Gunderson overhead/remote bridge crane certification.

*Current Gunderson rigger certification.

*Current Gunderson qualification for groove and fillet welding (all positions) OR operate one or more of the following (depending on the assigned area): shears, manual and CNC press brakes, CNC plasma-punch, punches, iron worker, drill press, lathe, milling machines, laser or plasma burning machines and other like machines.


Reasonable accommodations may be made, if necessary.


N (Not Applicable): Activity is not applicable to this occupation

O (Occasionally): Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time (0- 2.5+ hours/day)

F (Frequently): Occupation requires this activity from 33% - 66% of the time (2.5: 5.5+ hours/day)

C (Constantly): Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time (5.5+ hours/day)

Physical Abilities

*Sit: O

*Stand: F

*Walk: F

*Bend: C

*Kneel/Squat: F

*Crawl: O

*Climb: O

*Reach Forward: C

*Reach Upward: F

*Handling/Fingering: F

Push / Pull

*12 lbs. or less: N

*13- 25 lbs.: N

*26 -50 lbs.: F

*51-100 lbs.: O

Lift / Carry

*1-11: C

*11-20 lbs.: C

*21-50 lbs.: F

*50-75lbs.: O

*76 -100: N

Working Conditions

  • Work overtime as required (varies, may require some weekend days)

  • Work around traffic and heavy manufacturing equipment

  • Work at heights on scaffolding and ladders, in dim-lit areas, on slippery or uneven surfaces

  • Exposure to heat, cold, noise, grease, smoke, fumes, gases, toxic chemicals, and inclement weather conditions

  • Must be comfortable working at heights in excess of 100 feet

Safety Equipment Required

  • Hardhat

  • Eye protection

  • Hearing protection

  • Steel Toed Shoes

  • Respirator

  • Welding Hood

  • Welding Leathers

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Company: Gunderson, LLC

Functional Group: Production

EOE/Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled